Saturday, April 9, 2011

New Pet ?

The Turtle

My boyfriend and I went to a local pet store called Creature Castle and looked around at the assortment of animals they keep in store. (note- this isnt the best pet store around) He fell in love with the sun conure they had there and I found myself watching the cute little turtles in their tank. I've always thought turtles were cute and interesting, even though they require a bit of smelly matinence.  I started researching what kind of turtle i might want until my friend suggested a painted turtle. they are so freaking cute and a good first turtle for a beginner, like myself. 
painted turtle

They can grow between 4-10 in and live for an average of 30 years (:
The only problem (kinda) is that the habitat is rather expensive, like jeeeeeeeeezus. I looked up estimates of about $700-$1000. I really want one but im not sure my pocket can handle that right now. Things have been a little rough lately and I may have to delay it for awhile but it just gives me time to collect the things needed slowly (: First on my list is to find a nice tank to keep the cutiepie in. :D



  1. I have owned many a turtle in my life. They usually get boring after a couple weeks. >.> And I can promise you, they are just as happy in a fish tank full of nothing but mud-water as they are in a 600 dollar aquarium set up. Go outside and catch one. haha

  2. lol i know but im scared it may die BUT i have a duck now so ill hold off on the turtle for a lil while (: