Wednesday, April 27, 2011

i want whatever you're on

Day Three: Views On Drugs And Alcohol 

You've heard it for as long as you can remember, "Drugs and Alcohol are BAD and will ruin your life!"
I think that most of us just didn't care because it's such a normal things to do (well where i am from it is) and almost everyone you know drinks alcohol or does drugs. Its become normalized in today's society.

Is it bad to do them? Yes and No.

Yes because some people don't know how to moderate things in their lives and let the drugs and alcohol take over everything and sometimes make them into vicious but mostly dumb people. This is the average outcome for most people in my experience.

No because alcohol is legal and when you drink smart and in moderation, its fine. No more harmful than a soda with your meal.

As far as drugs go, I've yet to meet someone who is on drugs and not let it take over their life. Whether it be weed, meth, pills, coke, or whatever they may be on, It slowly just consumes people and that's no way to live.

I'm not going to sit here on a high horse and say I've never done anything because that would be a ridiculous lie. I don't do anything anymore because, to be honest, it got old. It's expensive and it's not always like it's portrayed on television and movies to be. It's a lifestyle I know I would definitely never go back to.

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