Thursday, March 31, 2011

Pathetic American Child!!

no lie, i cannot cook a meal to save my life!
Now, I can bake for an army but on top of the stove is a whole different story. I am slowly learning new ways to feed myself WITHOUT a microwave. This is very very hard for me. I didnt realize how much I used the stupid thing til I quit! It's been okay since food does taste better coming out of the oven but I came home from work and i was craving some ramen noodles. We only had the cup o ramen so for the first time in my life, I boiled water. lol I read an article a few days ago on stumbleupon about the many things that ramen can become with a little effort. Ramen Noodles 2.0 in my opinion. It inspired me to make boiled eggs to add to my ramen so I managed to boil the eggs (i wasnt sure how long they take so i did it for 8 mins) and then i boiled more water to add to my crispy noodles. It came out freakin awesome! i was soo proud of me. Its a small accomplishment but it was progress. :D yay progress !!!
My Egg Ramen Noodles

My friend started this event on FB that for 1 week you improve on yourself and try 100% on everything you do so this is me kind of improving on myself. I am 20 years old and these are skills I need to learn to survive out in the world lol Especially for when my bf and rents aren't around. So I'm going to put extra effort into my life for a week and see where that gets me.

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