Wednesday, April 27, 2011

i want whatever you're on

Day Three: Views On Drugs And Alcohol 

You've heard it for as long as you can remember, "Drugs and Alcohol are BAD and will ruin your life!"
I think that most of us just didn't care because it's such a normal things to do (well where i am from it is) and almost everyone you know drinks alcohol or does drugs. Its become normalized in today's society.

Is it bad to do them? Yes and No.

Yes because some people don't know how to moderate things in their lives and let the drugs and alcohol take over everything and sometimes make them into vicious but mostly dumb people. This is the average outcome for most people in my experience.

No because alcohol is legal and when you drink smart and in moderation, its fine. No more harmful than a soda with your meal.

As far as drugs go, I've yet to meet someone who is on drugs and not let it take over their life. Whether it be weed, meth, pills, coke, or whatever they may be on, It slowly just consumes people and that's no way to live.

I'm not going to sit here on a high horse and say I've never done anything because that would be a ridiculous lie. I don't do anything anymore because, to be honest, it got old. It's expensive and it's not always like it's portrayed on television and movies to be. It's a lifestyle I know I would definitely never go back to.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Monday, April 25, 2011

addiction to silly things...

Soo while hitting the "next blog" button and exploring the depths of blogger, 
i found an interesting blog that had just started a challenge and i LOVE 30 day challenges. 
(finishing them is a different story tho >.<)  

:)make sure you check out the blog listed in the picture(:

Day One: Your Current Relationship 
I am currently in a relationship with a Mr. Robert Anthony Fitchett, est. September 15, 2007 
Robert is more than just my lovable boyfriend, he's pretty much my sanity. It's funny how in the beginning, he was just this punk ass gangster boy in my homeroom who liked to go through my stuff every day and now he's the love of my life. We didnt start going out at school though. It just so happens that in 2007 I turned 16 years old and that means it was time to get my happy ass a job somewhere. A girl in my science class told me about her last job at a crappy bbq joint near my house so after school I went to go fill out an application at the oh so wonderful, Sonny's Real Pit BBQ. It was an instant success. I got the job on the spot and by the following Tuesday, I was a smiling cashier (: It was soo funny on my first day, they stuck me in the dish room so i knew what the back of the house guys did. My manager pulls the guy out and its Robert with a very confused smile. I worked my first shift ever with him all night and it was fun (and gross) as hell. After a while, the girls at work seemed to think that Robert and I should start going out so this is when the pestering started. I was HARASSED for the longest time to give him my number and to go out with this boy. I caved. I gave them my number and was told to expect a text after work. That night I went home and waited and waited and waited til I passed out. NOTHING. I woke up feeling like such an idiot and dreaded having to see his face again. The giggling smiles at work were met with my low annoyed eyes. I tell them the texts never came and away they ran, back into the kitchen with a fury that would make Satan hide. I laughed and went about my work day as usual until one of the girls pops up with a small piece of cardboard box. It has HIS number. Isn't that some crap? I'm the female therefore I should be wooed. I take it anyways. When I get home that evening, I consider not texting since I got no text the day before ... but something makes me do it anyways. "Message Sent" it says. The beginning of a crazy change. Thousands of texts, emails, calls, voicemails, letters, notes, dinners, movies, and random adventures later ... here I am. Still with my babycakes and loving every second. This guy knows how to make me smile and laugh like no other can, he knows just what to say in every situation. We're complete opposites in many ways and we're oddly the same in many others. He completes me. Even though sometimes I want nothing more than to jab something sharp through his juggular but thats natural for any couple. He's the sweetest thing I've ever met. Once he wraps his arms around me, its like i'm lost to the abyss of just pure happiness. Not to sound mushy or anything. :P 
:) Rob & Herm (:

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Meet Mac+Cheese (:

 Mac + Cheese 

meet my easter ducky (: gifted by my lovely cousin Gloria 
<3 mac + cheese <3

that is all. 

Saturday, April 9, 2011

New Pet ?

The Turtle

My boyfriend and I went to a local pet store called Creature Castle and looked around at the assortment of animals they keep in store. (note- this isnt the best pet store around) He fell in love with the sun conure they had there and I found myself watching the cute little turtles in their tank. I've always thought turtles were cute and interesting, even though they require a bit of smelly matinence.  I started researching what kind of turtle i might want until my friend suggested a painted turtle. they are so freaking cute and a good first turtle for a beginner, like myself. 
painted turtle

They can grow between 4-10 in and live for an average of 30 years (:
The only problem (kinda) is that the habitat is rather expensive, like jeeeeeeeeezus. I looked up estimates of about $700-$1000. I really want one but im not sure my pocket can handle that right now. Things have been a little rough lately and I may have to delay it for awhile but it just gives me time to collect the things needed slowly (: First on my list is to find a nice tank to keep the cutiepie in. :D