Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Something Beautiful?

Soo about a month-ish [2.25.11] ago i started the experiment (:
sunflower and zinnia [2.28.11]

I've been wanting to do something interesting and when I saw these cute little pots at Target, i was inspired to try and start my own flower garden. I will be honest, I know NOTHING about gardens and the things that go with it so everything was just trial and error. The first error I made was putting too many seeds in the tiny pots (I thought that since i paid $1.00 US for each of them, that the seeds were probably duds) and when they started growing, they ALL started growing. I needed new pots and I needed them fast. Within 2 weeks of planting my seeds they already needed to be repotted into a larger home. I decided against planting them into the ground because of the wild things that wander into our yard at time and our soul just kills things instead of bringing life. I had a few pots already so it was a cinch ;)

 New Homes !! [3.5.11]

Trying to pick out a soil for them wasn't too hard, i picked Miracle Gro and bought some plant food (same brand). Really simple and probably not the best but since I'm just a beginner I'll take it slow. I read up on how some people make the mixes themselves to cater to the individual needs of the plants and quite frankly, i dont know how they know where to begin. Sooo Many Ingredients!! :O I was considering it but it was just tooo confusing. The pre-mix bag I bought has been doing pretty well with them, they rooted into their new pots wonderfully and I cant wait til they start looking more like flowers though. I didnt create the plants but I tended to them and am growing something beautiful. The world, well my world will be a prettier place thanks to my hard work and effort. Thats the feeling I was looking for, the warm smiley feeling of smelling the elegant beauty of a flower and the feeling of accomplishment.

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