Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Good Enough Degree?

Time To Get It Together
I am twenty years old and I didn't graduate high school. To this day I still dont have any sort of diploma or g.e.d. so i decided to finally get off my arse and try to get it. This was a little harder than I had predicted. The first thing I had an issue with was trying to find someplace to actually take the test. Whenever I called schools to find out more information, they always tell me that noone is in to help me... EVER. Even with me calling at different times so I finally just say fooey. I started looking at technical schools to take the test and found one about a 30 min drive from where I live so now I have a place to take it. My advice for others in the same predicament, just keep looking for the testing site. I started just by typing in google, G.E.D. in Florida (where i am located) and started from there. I will say that Florida's websites for G.E.D. are not the best at all. It was frusrating to find sites that DIDN'T look like scams. I have learned in my seaching that you CANNOT take the test online so ALL those sites are scams. 
Fool me Once Shame on you, Fool me Twice Shame on Me
I first had tried "the stepping stones school" online and gave them my debit card number and they sent me my first packet. how they work is you fill out 6 packets at home and take the test and send it back and they send you a diploma (each packet is about $45). I am grateful I only sent for one at a time because when I sent it back, thats the last I ever heard from them. I emailed them with no luck and it was just frustrating to lose $45 that way but you learn from your mistakes.
Your Brain Memory Archives Are At 0%
I never realized how much of what I learned I would forget but lordy, if you dont use it, you will lose it. I have been taking practice tests online at and its kinda of making me think in a way I haven't for awhile so I've decided to kick it up a notch and am using a G.E.D. study guide book at home so I can get enough practice. Since they charge to take the test, It gives me a little more push to do really well so I dont lose money in this. (well anymore money)
Bigger And Better Things?
my current goal is to take the test one month from now and then enroll into college and start working on getting a degree in something though im not entirely sure what yet. I have a few ideas but im hoping everything works out okay (:

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