Friday, November 19, 2010

My Weeek [11/15-11/18]

really bored doodles :D

This week has been awesome and such bullshit! I cant remember the last time i've felt like this ... It started off good though and it had its great moments but the badtimes this week just spread through the week like the plague. Monday was just your everyday errand and recoup day for me so nothing exciting except i made a blog ;) tehehe
my snacks for the night (:
Tuesday, I honestly slept through most of it but i woke up with enough time to chill with Reina and work on Robert's christmas gifts ;) a short but productive dayy ... i will not mention the hothothotness that is work in my blog lol

reina creating her next masterpiece ;)

sooo bored at my machine XD

I did have some parental time this week too, my lil old Mommy had an eye appointment so i went and helped them out with moving around and stuff. i kinda forget how they have aged. kinda breaks my heart. i love my parents, no matter how irritating they get sometimes <3 Mommy found out she has some bleeding in the back of her eye so off to more doctor time on another day. After the appontment, we went and had some yummy denny's (:

my lil mommy <3

us in the exam room XD

The next couple days were a bit more fun and active because on Thursday, I went and chilled with my prettyladies (: That is always a good time <3 I love my friends and our time together. Lazy lounging with movies and a nice lunch with Victoria at la casita, yummy! work came too soon on thursday 3:
random car time :D

the sun was in our eyes X]

random shadow puppets

so here comes friday, a short work day and a night in the arms of my love. this weekends is gonna make me feel better hopefully .... hopefully. funtimes ahead as always (:

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