Monday, November 15, 2010

11/12-11/14 the weekend! (:

this weekend has been pretty awesome overall and i feel like that is a positive sign for the week.
hopefully this week is drama free and just chill and fun (:

Friday November 12, 2010

   it was TWLOHA (to write love on her arms) day and since i support the cause i decided to participate and write love on my wrist and on any wrist i could get ahold of (: mainly my work friends tho

love is the movement <3

crystal supporting with me (:

 and being a friday, work went by like nothing! (: Next thing we know, we're in a car on our way to St.Pete for some girly time of sushi and a movie ... this weeks movie, Due Date. it was pretty funny though it had its WTF moments lol the sushi out there is great! this time we ordered hungry and forgot how much sushi comes with each order. i bought freakin $50 worth of food before we left, but i did buy the bf a bento box togo.
sooo much sushi!! ugh.
 The night was awesome as always and when we were back in town, i decided to go chill with the bf and his spiffeh people for a night of gaming on his new ps3 that i bought him as an early Christmas gift (: He was soo excited when we bought it on thursday and has been playing it pretty much non-stop since then lol im glad he liked his gift so much, it was completely worth every penny <3 late night gaming was pretty fun too. A great way to start the weekend (:

Saturday Novemeber 13, 2010

My Saturday's always start the same, B&M at 7:30 am. ugh. These mornings always seem to drag ass!! ): So i spent most of it talking to Crystal and Marco about the night ahead of us :D Crystals housewarming party was that night and we had decided to pitch in for a bottle of patron ;) this made time bearable and once we were off, crystal and i ran our errands for what felt like ages and left us no naptime ): so it was finally partytime and it was cool. 2 bottles of patron nd some corona (: a good ass night.

crystal nd i dunk as fuck

robert even took a shot of patron

the ladies of orchard park

i would write more about saturday but i feel this is all you need to know (:

Sunday November 14, 2010

After waking up on Crystal's couch at 5:30 in the morning so robert could drive me home to mii casa , we got breakfast and i went to bed until 1 in the afternoon ... i honestly cannot remember the last time i slept for such a long period of time and it was great (: I lazed around with my cousins til Robert got off of work and then we just chilled and played with his ps3 most of the day but not without random dominos and dairy queen time <3 Castle Crasher's is a fun game and screw you C.O.D. .... i really suck at playing you. 12 deaths with not one kill ... i am ashamed ): this has been a great weekend and a great begining to my week. (:

robert and his early christmas gift lol

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